Life is a series of adventures

Two semi-nomads living a hybrid lifestyle of traveling the world and building structures locally. Come along while we’re exploring the world in one of our exploration pods. Or keep us company while we’re tinkering on something more stationary.

Gone Sailing

We love to explore the world and what better way to discover it than by sea on KFOS EP1?

Our journey is iterating over assumptions.

Another Project: A next beginning in Portugal

Join us in Portugal where we purchased an abandoned property and plan to turn it into something magical

Lenz and Manu

Our story

Who we are. How we got here. And other behind the scenes insights.

Our travel companion

Our Mainecoon Naos keeps us company during our adventures. And he has a few on his own

More travel stories

Sometimes we use other modes of transport other than the sailboat to explore the world.

KFOS Retreat New Zealand

Our lovely cottage in St. Arnaud, New Zealand is currently available for short term rent.