existing investments

KFOS invested over the years in early stage startups and has a pool of companies we are working with at various stages. Our investment strategy is always long-term and we are not interested in quick wins through hyped trends but rather invest in long-term gains for all sides involved. Our view is never just financial but also on the bigger impact the company has on the region, employees and other social aspects.

iwantmyname is one of the larger investments we did over the years and is today a globally trading domain name registrar. We have managed to establish iwantmyname in a very crowed market and it has been growing nicely since 2008. The interesting bits we are especially prowd of in iwantmyname is the pioneering work we did on the cultural aspects of a remote working team and the technical foundation we created that was way ahead of its time. is one of our newer investments and still pre-revenue. We work towards addressing one of the aspects of the housing crisis in New Zealand by providing better data to sellers and re-investing some of our proceeds into housing projects in New Zealand.


Business and Community

KFOS is - to a limited degree - available for consulting gigs. We normally only work on our own investments but some causes are too important not to help out with. Try to hunt us down if you feel like your project can benefit from us helping you. There is no contact form on this page so if finding a way to catch us is too hard your cause may not be pressing enough :)

Investing into community is normally something we do as part of our outreach work but every so often we help a region or a team to get something across the line that goes beyond our time budget. In these cases we do help with consulting hours but if you need help with community work, we most likely just help you. Same as above, try to find us online :)


Manu and Lenz

KFOS are Manuela Vetters and Lenz Gschwendtner, if you have worked with us you know that we can make a big difference for your project and know that only two people are often all that is needed to help you get over the next hump.

We live part in our Landrover touring the world, part in the Nelson, New Zealand region. We have adopted a location independent lifestyle but for all legal and financial reasons we are NZ based and KFOS is a New Zealand based entity.